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He said about 50 other illegal immigrants arrested recently in the coastal city of Sihanoukville were also deported.
The deported Pakistanis said that they spent a lot of money for the better future of their families and reached Greek while traveling through illegal routes with the help of traveling agents.
Following an informant's tip off that the 27-year-old policeman had been accepting kickbacks to apprehend illegal residents wishing to be deported, according to a police lieutenant's statement, police cooperated with the Bangladeshi worker to apprehend the suspected policeman in a sting operation.
The Kuwaiti official also denied any media reports which claimed that Lebanese people were being deported because of their "affiliations.
According to MENA, 104 Egyptians were deported from a detention centre in the city of Misrata and 58 from Tripoli, with several more from the city of Zliten.
Police said criminals with lengthy arrest records who should be deported include 10 Cubans, six Iranians and several others from Iraq, Vietnam and Liberia.
Mairead added: "As soon as I arrived at Ben Gurion Airport I was told I had been barred for 10 years after being deported in June.
According to data submitted to the House Committee of Institutions, Cyprus deported 14,756 people between 2004 and 2008.
The foreign minister added that he has no information on whether a new wave of Lebanese families will be deported from the UAE.
In 2008, more than 140 people were deported from Ireland on scheduled flights, at an average cost of EUR2,540 to the State.
A source from Ibrahim Khalil Security confirmed the allegations and said they have ample proof that Kurds are facing abuse before being deported.
He told Ioan Gureanu, 32, that he would be deported again after jailing him for 30 months for having a skimming device for copying card details from automated bank machines.