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One deportee said some of the asylum seekers were granted residence but were unable to stay as their residency was not renewed.
The plane arrived from Stockholm with 27 Iraqi deportees from Sweden, nine from Norway, four from the Netherlands and an unknown number from the United Kingdom, Sybella Wilkes, a UNHCR spokeswoman, told the AP.
The Arab Charter for Human Rights, also ratified by the UAE, obliges governments to deport foreigners only in accordance with the law and to give deportees the opportunity to appeal their deportation order.
It's outrageous that deportees are allegedly receiving payments for arrears to their benefits.
It printed a photo featuring Palestinians raising Palestinian flags and banners calling for the deportees freedom and return.
Deportees were kept in the dark about the reasons behind their extradition.
Abdul Qadir Rahimi, the watchdog's head in Herat, said they had interviewed all the deportees, who left behind their parents in Iran.
Ee To them, the foreigners are always wrong; the Saudis are never wrong, they can do anything to foreigners and walk freely," said one of the deportees.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Chairwoman of the Committee of the deportees and displaced in the parliament Liqa- Wardi expressed on Wednesday her surprise for the position of the political blocs represented in the House of Representatives about the political and security crisis in Anbar province.
As a part of the union's and center's plan, deportees will also receive a monthly salary of YR30,000 ($140) for six months to help them get back on their feet.
INM commissioner Ardelio Vargas said the deportations expand the pool of people seeking services in the communities near the US border, and, lacking support from state and local authorities, these deportees often become victims of criminal organizations.