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The stories collected in The Deportees were all originally written in 800-word serial installments for Metro Eireann, a newspaper founded in 2000 by Ireland-based Nigerian journalists Abel Ugba and Chinedu Onyejelem to cater to the country's new immigrant population.
Of the remaining 14 deportees, 13 (93%) completed treatment, and one (7%) was lost to follow-up 1 week before treatment completion in Honduras.
In a lead editorial, the island's dominant newspaper, The Gleaner (2003a), flatly stated: "Between the system, the police, and the courts, deportees are being allowed to wreak havoc on the society and it is high time that citizens demand immediate implementation of whatever changes are necessary to get the situation under control.
Deportees were handcuffed and given no food or drink with some of them dying in the desert as a result, he claimed.
The graph shows the number of deportees in the 14--year period between 1990 and 2003.
The flight had first stopped in Nigeria and then headed for Eritrea with the remaining deportees.
The deportees, including young children, were transferred from the airport in Phnom Penh to a police camp before being sent back to their hometowns, the officials said.
Although at first the policy was forced on Latin American governments by State Department officials such as Spruille Braden and Adolf Berle, it soon turned into a vehicle for despoiling the deportees, as their properties now came on the market at fire-sale prices.
In an effort to catch some of the deportees, the Gardai launched Operation Hyphen earlier this year.
Some of the deportees hid their faces from the cameras as they climbed the stairs to board the BAe 146-200 jet.