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All these agreements forbid signatories from deporting refugees to any country where they would be at risk of persecution.
The staggering cost of his deportation was revealed this week when Justice Minister Dermot Ahern released figures for the cost of deporting illegal immigrants and people refused refugee status in Ireland.
Contrary to a federal law, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have not been deporting people with TB but treated them until they were cured.
Ms Homer acknowledged there were difficulties in deporting people.
Whoever is responsible for deporting this man needs deporting themselves.
Since we have discretion, we felt by deporting him - no doubt in our minds - (we) did our jobs,'' Arcaute said.
Refugee groups last night accused him of being obsessed with deporting people.
Under federal law, INS is charged with deporting all undocumented criminal immigrants.
streets and communities safer by deporting increasing numbers of criminal aliens,'' she said in a statement.
The INS is in the process of deporting him to Costa Rica, where he has never been as an adult.
The Immigration and Naturalization Service screens county prisoners who are about to be freed, deporting any who are in the United States illegally.
Deporting more criminal aliens and stressing the law on illegal re-entry are at the heart of an 8-month-old model program in Los Angeles County jails, INS and law enforcement officials say.