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RESULTS 1 Wingates, 2 Hammonds Saltaire, 3 Hepworth; Best March - Wingates; Best Hymn - Wingates; Principal Cornet - Northop Silver; Best Euphonium - Wingates; Best Soprano Cornet - Ashton-under-Lyne; Best Soloist - Tenor Horn Wingates; Best Basses - Hammonds Saltaire; Best Trombones - Wingates; Best Road March - Ashton-under-Lyne; Deportment - Ashton-under-Lyne; Best Hymn Tune (Section 4) - Gawthorpe '85; Best Youth Band - 1 Elland Silver Youth, 2 Bradford Youth, 3 Shirland Youth; Youth Deportment - Tewit Youth; Youngest Player - Claudia Bowen (Thurlstone).
Meanwhile, back in Liverpool the search was on for Liverpool's Personality Girl - the Miss Liverpool contest prized grooming, speech and deportment and required girls to dress in afternoon frocks rather than bathing costumes.
The staff were delighted to receive many comments of thanks and praise for the cadets, complementary of their smart appearance, characters and deportment.
Paula Ansley, who runs Paula Rosa Photography, 'Boudoir femme' with Paula Rosa Boudoir and a property photography business, is using the skills she honed at finishing school in London to teach a new generation how good deportment and posture can make you look fabulous in photographs every time.
It'll show him that you care about your job and his opinion of what constitutes professional deportment.
He announced that they would launch protest comparing bron feb 2 against health deportment and government
Director of the Project, Sayed Hamdani signed for Ministry of Finance, Director of the General Planning and Mineral Economies Deportment, Mua'awia Misbah Hassan signed for Ministry of Minerals and Ghazi Abdul-Rahman Taha signed for Geo Service Company.
As for deportment, one has only to visit a physical education college to appreciate the graceful way these students sit, stand and walk.
It's not just about an accent, but it affects everything: your deportment, how you hold yourself.
He is clearly so uncomfortable with that position, so much evident by his body language and lack of deportment.
The gatherers, in a statement, called upon the people of Tripoli to maintain their civilized deportment and allow the army and security forces to carry out their duties, as well as the justice system to execute investigations into anyone and any event which threatens civil peace.
Executive Vice Chair, Deportment of Psychiatry Massachusetts General Hospital Director, Depression Clinical and Research Program Slater Family Professor of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School