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The sources said that even after quitting the ministry Tariq Anis continued using the ministry's cars, which were at his deposal.
Somdet To, as Nonzee so powerfully depicted, did not fear ghosts nor deny their existence, but respected them and used the Buddhist technology he had at his deposal to mitigate their power.
Referring to the recent elections, Insulza warned that "an election does not, in and of itself, erase the forced deposal of a constitutional presidential, his expulsion from the country, and his continued residence behind the fences of the embassy of a neighboring country.
Reynolds threatened legal action over his deposal, but withdrew his threat, stating: "Trainers need to go and vote for a chairman who can take them forward properly.
invasion and deposal of a Moslem nation to claim legitimacy for infiltration into Iraq--has undoubtedly introduced a convoluted, equivocal, and elusive insurgency element under the umbrella of the pan-Islamic jihadist movement.
Following the deposal of Patriarch Antonios by the Synod, more than sixty members of a fellowship of the Orthodox Church were told to withdraw their signatures from a petition protesting the closure of their fellowship and to confess that the church leaders, namely the deposed patriarch, were heretics.
It is hard to imagine how any sane person could fail to see his deposal as an improvement.
His murder apparently came as a result of infighting between Shiite groups vying for power in the vacuum left by the deposal of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.
Tenders are invited for Part-a- cleaning of cable racks,cable and pipe trenches,latrines and urinals,cob webs,different roofs,travelling water screen/other all water screen and removal and deposal of ash/coal/coal dust/garbage,scrap material and dead animal bodies from intake channel etc in 2x105 mw, ptps, panki, kanpur.
The ACA was formed after the ouster of Morsi, demanding his return to the office of the presidency and the deposal of the post-3 July regime.
Nasser, an army officer who spearheaded the deposal of Egypt's monarchy in a military coup in 1952, inspired with his charismatic character Arab national sentiments all over the Arab world.