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Depositional model of Cretaceous deposits was studied and interpreted by using depositional models which are presented for past and present environments (e.
Most of the primary depositional inorganic particles (both the mud and grain components) of OS have probably inherited their primary depositional size and shape.
Textural Maturity and Depositional Environment of Bara Formation at Ranikot, Sindh.
These riparian type pollens may indicate and support the presence of a floodplain or a riverine depositional environment within this 2.
SOC depth distribution in the profile exhibited a decreasing pattern from the surface to the parent material horizon (if any), in both erosional and depositional areas of cultivated land, as well as uncultivated land.
The 92% negative values of skewness indicated that coarse grained sediments were deposited under high energy depositional environments; only one sample showed 8% positive value of skewness which indicated deposition of fine grained sediments, under low energy condition.
Restricted bays and possibly lagoons developed post-coal black and gray shales as the deltaically influenced depositional environments shifted from swamp to shallow marine settings.
The presence of cementing materials (haematite and limonite) may support the semiclosed supersaturated tidal-flats, tidal-mats or lagoonal to shallow marine depositional environment (Nichols, 2009; Raymond, 1995; Prothero and Schwab, 1996; Greensmith, 1989).
Nearly all researchers consider the linear dunes on Titan to be of depositional origin, but their morphodynamic interpretations are complicated and their relationships to wind directions are in dispute.
New information on rates of glacial erosion, the flux of glacial sediment, and glaciomarine depositional systems attests to the vast increase in knowledge of how glacial systems work and how the glacial record is interpreted.