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In this state of intellectual and moral depravity, he found a solace in the renewal of his experiments with the mechanical powers of the kite.
He liked a bottle of wine and a good dinner, and having once been seen at the Cafe Royal with a lady who was very probably a near relation, was thenceforward supposed by generations of schoolboys to indulge in orgies the circumstantial details of which pointed to an unbounded belief in human depravity.
It is when my umbrella turns inside out that I am convinced of the total depravity of inanimate things," she said gaily.
I have felt more at home in the dock (such is the natural depravity and perversity of my disposition) than ever I felt in the drawing-rooms of my father's distinguished patrons and respectable friends.
It is needless to say that I failed to keep the secret of my depravity from the knowledge of my mother.
It is still quite difficult for me to face up to the depths of depravity that I sank to.
I was worth nothing, a means to satisfy his own depravity.
is of of depravity The legal change meant Sinclair could be retried after the court case against him collapsed seven years previously.
This whirlwind of a novel sweeps through the intertwined lives of its many main characters with witty observations and scenes of bawdy depravity.
Summary: Lawbreakers absconded from work, engaged in moral depravity
In a statement yesterday, the panel called for further steps to combat moral depravity and practices which are "alien to Bahraini society".
The individuals of this unique species also symbolize true, unconditional love, and they have brought immeasurable happiness, purity, and goodness to a lost culture of death and depravity.