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I tried--I tried my best, indeed I did, Rebecca," said Amelia deprecatingly, "but I couldn't forget--"; and she finished the sentence by looking up at the portrait.
He curled his fair moustache, and looked deprecatingly at his companion.
Four years ago, Ahmed Al-Kadi, head of the recently formed renewable division AK Solar, within Al Hamad Engineering, made his first foray into the renewable energy sector "on a trial and error basis" he says, deprecatingly.
Roger Ferguson, who was then vice chairman under Greenspan, referred to himself deprecatingly as "a mere cadet sitting next to the monetary policy Yoda," casting Greenspan as the all- wise and powerful Jedi master.
Oscar Wilde once wrote deprecatingly of those who 'know the price of everything, and the value of nothing.
Thus, mana, which Wheelwright comments deprecatingly upon as "the childlike perspective" (63) is the vital force in nature; it is "at once the urgency and the expression .
And speaking for himself, he self- deprecatingly says: " I may be the most immature man aroundC* As for women, they are usually 10 years more mentally matured than men at any age.