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This is beside the question," said the moneylender with a deprecatory shrug.
He had just got home from a trip to the store at Carmody, and he sheepishly produced a small parcel from his pocket and handed it to Anne, with a deprecatory look at Marilla.
But he is manifestly afraid of my displeasure; and if at one time he tries my patience by his unreasonable exactions, and fretful complaints and reproaches, at another he depresses me by his abject submission and deprecatory self-abasement when he fears he has gone too far.
Not at all," he answered, with a deprecatory wave of the hand.
He used to nod many times to her and smile when she came in, and utter inarticulate deprecatory moans when she was going away.
He made a deprecatory gesture, sat down, and took up a paper.
As soon as his head was clear of the fiddle he began to scold Jukes for not trimming properly the stokehold ventilators; and in answer Jukes made with his hands deprecatory soothing signs meaning: "No wind -- can't be helped -- you can see for yourself.
Councillor Mikulin raised a hasty deprecatory hand and inclined his head slightly over his shoulder.
Mr Rokesmith inclined his head in a deprecatory manner, and went on.
Humm, holding up his hand in a deprecatory manner, to bespeak the silence of such of the stout old ladies as were yet a line or two behind; 'my friends, a delegate from the Dorking Branch of our society, Brother Stiggins, attends below.
Those of Mr and Mrs Quilp, however, were an exception to the general rule; the remarks which they occasioned being limited to a long soliloquy on the part of the gentleman, with perhaps a few deprecatory observations from the lady, not extending beyond a trembling monosyllable uttered at long intervals, and in a very submissive and humble tone.
35) While only fragments of the reconstituted prayer book remain, numerous excerpts contain recitations in which the prayer book's owner refers to himself in the form of deprecatory honorific + personal name (e.