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This is due to the continuation of the depreciatory trajectory of the South African rand (against the US dollar), which first began in 2011.
In a statement issued over Bilawal's depreciatory statement, the Rabita Committee said Sindh's health ministry is being run by some of the highups of the PPP.
23) In his classic work on the Constitution Beard observed that "[t]he opposition to the Constitution almost uniformly came from the agricultural regions, and from the areas in which debtors had been formulating paper money and other depreciatory schemes.
The mean value shows that during the sample period, the average return of gold is positive and that the exchanges rates of the seven currencies are depreciatory.
As noted in the first citation, to be more Black carries with it a burden of depreciatory consciousness, resulting in a dis-identification from blackness.
At the textual level, one can find statements related to age that may be felt to be depreciatory, for example, in situations where the presenter-reporter reacts to some older person's behaviour or gives verbal feedback.
That, after all, is the reason why in 50 per cent societies nick names are depreciatory in 45 per cent they are based on physical abnormalities and in 48 per cent they are based on behavioral abnormalities.
In fact, the last names of most Dalits are depreciatory and used unflatteringly in many Indian languages.
JUST derives its comparative meaning from prepositions; its exact meaning from conjunctions; its specificatory meaning from prepositions; its emphatic meaning from adjectives; its depreciatory meaning from verbs; and its restrictive meaning from nouns [.
In addition to this colloquial flavour it is natural to suppose that after the disparaging implication of futilis the ensuing iste is here being employed with the similarly depreciatory connotation that can mark the use of this demonstrative (9).
4) The majority of the characters names are nothing more than animal reference, with Makak's (monkey) and Moustique's (mosquito) being among the most depreciatory.