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ruddy turnstones, Arenaria interpres) are not attacked even though they may depredate nests (Hatch, 2002) suggests that such events are uncommon, or that the terns' discrimination between threats and non-threats is imperfect.
Indeed, beavers typically are considered a nuisance species because they depredate crops, block drainage ditches, and flood agricultural fields (Pietsch, 1956; Jensen et al.
An important caveat regarding this result is that birds tend to depredate off-ground nests more frequently than do mammals (Yahner and Scott 1988); P.
Do armadillos frequently depredate nests at sites where potential prey occur at low densities?
Many legumes produce large seeds, which may disperse poorly (Osman and Cocks 1992), or herbivores may heavily depredate reproductive parts, which may reduce seed supply (Gadgil et al.
It is likely that additional species of snakes also depredate nests opportunistically (Weatherhead and Blouin-Demers, 2004).
There is a wide variety of predators that depredate black-capped vireo nests, including rat snakes (Elaphe spp.
Because ants disperse seeds, aerate and turn soil, facilitate nutrient cycling and depredate other insects (Holldobler and Wilson, 1990), burning impacts on ants may have indirect effects on many other ecosystem processes.
hispid cotton rat Sigmodon hispidus; spotted ground squirrel Spermophilus spilosoma) may be more likely to depredate a well-concealed nest if the concealment offers protection from secondary predators (Dion et al.
Stu was using his trained dogs to find seal lairs that bears did not depredate to compare with seal lairs that were opened by bears.
The population dynamics of gulls are of interest because some gull species depredate the nests of other birds.
The play does not blame an individual agency but economic activity per se, which eventually commodifies human beings and depredates the environment (Howard 2002: 180-82; Crupi 2004: 315-20).