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LOCKED UP: Mark Chesney, right, has been jailed for six and a half years for three burglaries, including one where he suffered a depressed skull fracture after a householder confronted him HOUSEHOLDER: Darren McGirr outside Teesside Crown Court, right
Santino Veste walked home feeling dizzy and was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital where he was found to have a depressed skull fracture, soft tissue swelling, bruising to his arms, hands, back and head and two one cm lacerations to his head.
Only patients with clinically diagnosed depressed skull fracture with a GCS of 13-15 were included in this study and where the presence of brain pathology on CT, if any, was documented.
Cech had a depressed skull fracture and doctors said that it nearly cost him his life.
Suzanne and Joe's dad Steve stayed at their son's bedside at the University Hospital of Wales when he spent four days in an induced coma, and a further 10 days recovering after suffering a depressed skull fracture.
The fact that Cech suffered a depressed skull fracture has led to suggestions that protective headgear, similar to that used in boxing, should be made mandatory for goalkeepers, but I'm not in favour of the idea at all.
The victim suffered a depressed skull fracture and a broken thumb, and still suffers frequent flashbacks and post traumatic stress disorder.
Flavio suffered a depressed skull fracture and possibly a broken leg and shoulder, deputies said.
A jury heard that his victim had received a depressed skull fracture and bruising to the brain.
Fellow Briton Steven Sparks, 44, of Taunton, Somerset, suffered multiple head injuries, including a depressed skull fracture, when his jet-ski and a speedboat collided off Protaras.
The horrific attack which happened in Wallasey on April 9 left the 17-year-old victim with a depressed skull fracture.