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Conclusion: The primary headache was common among outpatients with depressive disorder, predominantly tension-type headache and migraine without aura.
escitalopram on sexual functioning in adults with well-treated major depressive disorder experiencing SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction.
Methods: Sixty patients with depressive disorder and sixty healthy controls (who were matiched by gender, age and years of education) were recruited, and completed eye movement tests including three tasks: fixation task, saccade task and free-view task.
Of the 144 participants in the major depressive disorder group, 77 (53.
Major finding: Pediatric-onset functional abdominal pain confers an increased lifetime risk of anxiety and depressive disorders (odds ratios, 4.
Demographic data and other outcomes in the entire sample, and those with a current depressive disorder, a current anxiety disorder, any depressive disorder (current or lifetime), any anxiety disorder (current or lifetime), and any co-morbid depressive/anxiety disorder (current or lifetime) are shown in Table I.
This group of patients met the diagnostic criteria for 'major depressive disorder with active symptoms' in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder as defined (DSM-IV).
A total of 125 respondents (16%) were found to have anxiety or depressive disorders, while 642 did not (84%).
Women are significantly more likely to develop a depressive disorder when their levels of estradiol fluctuate, levels of FSH and LH increase, and levels of inhibin B decrease, as happens during the transition to menopause.
Clearly there is a critical need for effective interventions for students with depressive disorders.
There are a variety of antidepressant medications and psychotherapies that can be used to treat depressive disorders.
Outcomes in the Treatment of Major Depressive Disorder 3.

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