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What he lamented was the deprival of that first step, that first object of love.
The first step came in the movement from voluntary to nonvoluntary deprival of lifesaving medical treatment.
Deprival value is arrived at by asking how much worse off would the entity be without the asset in question.
The deprival of dental care to residential schools students as described in some letters may have never happened.
To request the transfer of prisoners from one block to another may upset that internal structure and have serious repercussions such as fights, rivalries between groups or the deprival of certain advantages linked to residence in a given block.
Similarly, prey deprival led to a 20% increase in total plant biomass.
In a possibly unconstitutional deprival of such a right, the new law stripped it away.
deprival value where, if the organization was deprived of an asset, it is the sum of money required to make it whole again, given that it has time to take any necessary action to minimize its loss;
The difference between total equity as reflected in this price and the equity on the books includes historical cost distortions as well as goodwill, but these distinctions are not relevant since inherent goodwill is included as the assets are used in the business and not as deprival values.
They asked the government to eliminate root cause including the denial of citizenship based on the 1982 Citizenship Act which led to statelessness and deprival of rights to Rohingyas.
He did not refer to reason of this deprival for eating these fish but his reason might be the same as what Figueroa had mentioned since Iranians assumed eating of these fish as religiously inhibited.
Nonetheless, for Grant, to live in the midst of technology is to live in the midst of deprival.