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Work is needed to understand how local health services can lessen the impact of living in a deprived area.
I truly believe that the Fund for European Aid to the Most Deprived can make a difference for Europe's most vulnerable citizens and constitutes a significant contribution to our fight against poverty".
In 90% of the least deprived areas, pupils got higher average scores.
United Nations ranked Pakistan as the second biggest country where children deprived of basic education.
While talking with local journalists of Badin employees of Laar Museum and Haji Mallah Library expressed that they were being deprived of their salaries since last seventeenth months and their families were facing many difficulties for their survival.
And pupils from the most deprived areas have the fastest rate of improvement at 30.
In Aroop police station limits, three armed men snatched Rs100 thousand, gold chain and cellphone from Yasir, in Kotwali area dacoits took away Rs23,000, gold ornaments and cellphone from a woman, at Ahmed Nagar bandits snatched Rs37,000, cellphone from Farooq, in Gujranwala Saddr area, Masood was deprived of Rs40,000, gold ring and cellphone at gunpoint, and in Alipur Chattha robbers intercepted Imran and snatched Rs60,000, two cellphones and gold locket set.
It is an indictment of how we are looking after the most vulnerable in our society that deprived children are now more likely to experience unplanned admissions for asthma than their counterparts did 10 years ago.
Figures from the Scottish Health Survey show that 11 per cent of men in the most deprived areas used FOBTs last year, compared with five per cent in the least deprived parts of the country.
Mirroring the overall pattern, 37% of the 1,025 women who were recorded as being pregnant were from the most deprived quintile compared with 7% from the least deprived quintile.
They took him to a deserted place near River Ravi and deprived him of his eyesight by stabbing him with an ice pick, for honour.
The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards can only be used if the person will be deprived of their liberty in a care home or hospital.