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A sordid silence was broken We lost in a great gamble A game that once gave hope That our appetite of greed wetted From the depth of pockets we betted Our efforts not worth the pull When common sense begins to pool The river of gain flows beneath our knees Clears the debris of forgotten loss That which our issues embattles Is what our fate baffles The reverences that distinguish Are what we are about to relinquish We galloped into fame Through the gulley of known shame A character is today assassinated When a Monk is mocked My past favors fought my present odds The truth desired and implored Affirms the greed that is explored The faces that our efforts crowned Are what today at us frowned Because we lost in a gamble
At baseline, all the women had oral examination before 26 weeks' gestation and again within 48 hours of delivery Progression was monitored by measuring the depth of pockets between the gums and teeth.
However, he maintains he has a group with the talent to match the depth of pockets potential suitors will need to buy them.