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But sitting here and gazing, I can see beyond, in my mind's eye, unending spaces, and superhuman silences, and depthless calm, till what I feel is almost fear.
So, to the boycott, a boycott buoyed by depthless comments that only leant towards making the Huddersfield support in general, appear to be second rate and, to a point, embarrassing.
Cable news presented the new face of warfare: "CNN's presentation of [the First Gulf War], as with most television coverage, held a 'fascination with the minutiae of war, which creates a depthless, historical presence.
37) Indeed, the city's bland and depthless appearance--exemplified by their 'boredom, the city's grey, windswept nature and its geography that only hid damp corners' (pp.
To know a focus bespeaking the depthless, all-high authority, there is a quick reply: "Melchizedek
It is only such a perfect yet depthless imago that can counteract the tensions that haunt the modern nation; yet it is also no wonder that such an image, being empty inside, cannot bear the burden of its all too heavy perfection for long.
From higher still, let's say a satellite map, With every turning threshold of range and scope The center grows center-less, An assemblage of "dreamy anonymity," Strangely depthless, a flat and fracturing collage Of small lives moving en masse Like passing circuits across a motherboard No matter their ambitions or pains, no matter But matter animated By what you called the frailest "fragments of adjustment" Our idea of the world a frontier in extremis, Derelict, desolate, Which is to say, as you would say, what you saw As a fall and a forgetting, a banal eclipse That leaves us in the meantime, An erased horizon, and earth unchained from its sun.
Hose's murder by a white mob on April 23, 1899, unleashed a ferocious outpouring of racial rage, sexual panic, and depthless anxiety.
Traveling Eye (2007-08), the other, is a painted, silver-leafed wood and fiberglass candy-cone structure, whose concave base reflects back a depthless, Kapoor-like eye.
In this highly reflexive sequence, Lynch portrays the cinematic screen as a depthless, indeterminate space devoted to performance conceived as pure artifice.
Novels like James Weldon Johnson's Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man (1912) and Richard Wright's Native Son (1940) give credence to the ways that mass culture reifies racial identity by reducing it to a set of depthless signifiers and tropes.