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Fish exposed to effluent at both WwTWs during early life and then transferred to clean water at 60 dph to depurate had disrupted ducts at the end of the study, indicating this effect was permanent.
Fish that survive brevetoxin exposures are able to depurate some of the toxins via the biliary route and other metabolic processes (Kennedy et al.
On arrival at the laboratory, clams were kept in a seawater tank for 24 h to depurate sediments in the stomach.
ECOD activity is an indicator of pyrene exposure, and it appears that once males were able to depurate enough pyrene, they were able to successfully mate.
Specimens for lipid analyses were collected arbitrarily from culture tanks and were held in clear water for 24 h to depurate.
1998) to guard against the introduction of zebra mussels, this quarantine could also offer the opportunity for mussels to depurate pathogens.