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In controlled laboratory studies, however, CYP1A mRNA was not inducible in tomcod from the Hudson River that were extensively depurated and then treated with PCB-77 (0.
Therefore, these fecal bacteria are good indicators of the bacteriological quality of depurated oysters.
After bioaccumulation, only 7% of Norwalk virus is depurated, compared to a 95% reduction in bacterial levels (13).
At this WwTW, low numbers of depurated males that had been exposed to 10% and 20% effluent during early life had an ovarian cavity at 300 dph.
Mary's Bay is closed to direct harvesting for market due to bacterial contamination, and so the quahogs have to be depurated in the Maritimes' only on-shore depuration facility, located in Digby County, N.
The use of less attractive depurated products for the canning industry not only increases profitability of these products, but also it creates a possibility of expanding this industrial area by creating a new market niche.
The NSW program currently requires that all oysters harvested in that state be depurated for 36 h at ambient temperature 24-25[degrees]C before marketing for human consumption; however, with the implementation of the ASQAP, the requirement for depuration will be determined by the classification of a harvest area, as is the case in other Australian states.
Metals accumulate in the exoskeleton by binding with chitin or other physiological processes (Keteles & Fleeger 2001), and may be subsequently depurated through molting or shifted to soft tissues prior to molting (Bergey & Weis 2007).
For the short term, oysters probably would have to be depurated before they would be sufficiently pure to meet export standards.
On collection, the mussels were moved directly to a container with running, unfiltered natural seawater (32 psu, ~16[degrees]C), to be depurated and adapted for a minimum of 2 days before the experiment.
Persistence of hepatitis A virus and other viruses in depurated eastern oysters, In: IEEE, editor.
In summer, consumers should exercise particular care when buying these bivalves, and always make sure to acquire depurated and certified products (Vale et al.