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5 inches long); 2) restricting harvests to clean waters; and 3) transplanting quahogs from polluted to certified public bottoms for depuration and subsequent harvesting by the fishermen.
Uptake and depuration of pharmaceuticals in aquatic invertebrates.
Other safety measures could include proper handling, use of adequate processing procedures such as proper heating and shell removal as well as the use of depuration (controlled purification) method in order to reduce the level of pathogenic microorganisms in the shell fish.
An opening chapter reviews the basis for the biochemical and physiological mechanisms of reactive oxygen species generation and depuration, as well as their effects on biological molecules.
At transport, for instance, fish are submitted to repeated air exposures, initially from being taken out of the tank, and then after depuration when being packed.
The Potier report states that the Nephros "OLPUR MD190, (with) its new configuration is an innovative concept combining (post- and pre-dilution HDF) without any dependence on monitors (machines) and allowing optimal b2M depuration without significant albumin loss.
Chapter 14 concludes with ways to reduce exposure to carcinogenic agents and various methods of detoxification and depuration.
Soft tissues of these mussels were dissected after a 24 hour depuration period to allow gut contents to empty.
The response of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in the Sydney rock oyster (Crassostrea commercialis), during depuration and storage.
The rest are moved next door for cleaning using a process called depuration.
Caffaro is part of the SNIA group since 1985, and is active in the field of specialty chemicals, with basic and innovative product like organic additives, biocides, products for paper industry, product for water disinfection and depuration.