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2003) demonstrated that the scallop Chlamys nobilis and the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis exposed to Alexandrium tamarense differ in their depuration kinetics, biotransformation, and tissue distribution of PSP toxins.
Bioaccumulation and depuration of metals in blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) from a contaminated and clean estuary.
Three mussels from each treatment were analyzed for bacterial uptake directly after exposure (0 h), and sets of three mussels were analyzed after 4 h, 10 h, and 24 h of depuration in running water.
2] to 75 dpf and then reared in clean freshwater to adulthood (a depuration of 5 months), we found no differences in fecundity at 210-220 dpf when compared with the control for these subgroups (F = 0.
Serum concentrations are strongly correlated with those in adipose tissue and feces and reflect the historical legacy of uptake and depuration, and as such, they may be taken as markers for long-term, low-level exposure (Alcock et al.
1) Preventive strategy: reducing the microbial production of geosmin and MIB in aquaculture production systems;2) Curative strategy: removing geosmin and MIB from the fish culture water;3) Alternative strategy: optimizing the depuration process.
The effect of depuration on transmission of Aeromonas salmonicida between the freshwater bivalve Amblema plicata and Arctic char.
We allowed animals used in the kinetic experiments an additional 5 hr on non-DCA water (16 hr total depuration before administering DCA).
iMETland outperforms classical biofilters from constructed wetlands by using electroactive bacteria in combination with a innovative electroconductive material to achive depuration rates that are 10-fold higher than classical techniques.
The results indicated that the accumulation, metabolism, and depuration of YTXs depend directly on the toxin composition of the bloom-forming dinoflagellates.
If used for this purpose, the milk should be collected in a narrow window of time as soon postpartum as possible to reduce the effects of depuration.