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My conduct, Pugstyles,' said Mr Gregsbury, looking round upon the deputation with gracious magnanimity--'my conduct has been, and ever will be, regulated by a sincere regard for the true and real interests of this great and happy country.
The time had been, when this burst of enthusiasm would have been cheered to the very echo; but now, the deputation received it with chilling coldness.
This permission being conceded, Mr Pugstyles put on his spectacles, and referred to a written paper which he drew from his pocket; whereupon nearly every other member of the deputation pulled a written paper from HIS pocket, to check Mr Pugstyles off, as he read the questions.
The members of the deputation looked fiercely at each other, and afterwards at the member.
The deputation, who had only seen him at canvassing or election time, were struck dumb by his coolness.
And the deputation, with many growls and scowls, filed off as quickly as the narrowness of the staircase would allow of their getting down.
Nicholas related how he had been forced up by the deputation.
Among the deputations of all kinds which assailed him, that of "The Lunatics" were careful not to forget what they owed to the future conqueror of the moon.
said he to Barbicane, after having dismissed the deputation with promises to convey numbers of messages to friends in the moon.
Such practice of deputation should not be allowed in any case in view of decisions of apex courts as deputations are checking the way of the promotion to the original employees of any department whereas deputations' main purpose is to mint money and get more and more financial and other benefits.
The apology was submitted before a three judges bench headed by Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali during the hearing of a contempt of court notice against former caretaker premier Mir Hazar Khan Khoso for transfers, deputations and appointments in bureaucracy during his tenure.
Four IPS officers of the rank of joint commissioner, who returned from central and outstation deputations, were posted to different departments ( of the police).