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A scholar of WL should take care neither to deracinate a text from its native context nor to allow specialists' information to obscure its international character.
She's altered them, however, using an elaborate process of photo manipulation and printing to deracinate them, so the series' individual photos range from pop art to surrealism to something sweetly nostalgic.
Though Micheaux refuses to deracinate himself he does valorize pioneer mythology over racial realities in the West.
It doesn't take much effort to track down hysterical quotations from respected public figures panicking over how Hungarians would deracinate America.
Speaking in New York two days after his government launched a widespread crackdown on Golden Dawn, Samaras said that "It is important to me to deracinate this group.
Comic-strip creators were forced to deracinate black stereotypes in order to give their humor more widespread appeal; Gordon suggests that "funny animal figures" like Felix the Cat, Krazy Kat, and, perhaps, Mickey Mouse, posse ss characteristics of trickery, innocence, and dumb luck which "owed something to stereotypes of African Americans" (75).
The absence echoes something of the artist's practice, too, which compelled him to deracinate his works from the layers of narrative from which they grew.