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In France's Montpellier train crash on August 17, 2016, more than 60 people were injured, while in Eckwersheim train derailment, 11 were reported dead, and 42 injured.
The Madhya Pradesh twin train derailments happened on August 4, 2015, when the Kamayani Express, on its way to Varanasi in UP, was the first to derail owing to flash floods in the area, followed by the Janata Express.
The second and third leading causes of train derailment have been track geometry (including track alignment, gauge and elevation) and bearing failure, respectively.
Consequently, the cars displayed similar performance issues as in the Lac-Megantic derailment," said the TSB in a news release.
The derailment occurred inside the yard and did not affect the public or neighboring properties, Jacobs said, except that the public was kept out of the area for a time, traffic was routed around the area for several hours, and Amtrak's Coast Starlight passenger train between Seattle and San Diego was delayed outside Eugene for several hours.
I looked outside and there was black and white smoke blowing across the sky, and I could hear the flames," said Mosier resident Dan Hoffman, 32, whose house is about 328 ft from the derailment.
In a statement, the president said he and his wife Michelle were "shocked and deeply saddened" to hear of the derailment.
The PNR Board has approved Thursday the engagement of TAaAaAeALV Rheinla USA to conduct an investigation on the recent derailment incident.
Fires resulting from the derailment continued to burn Saturday.
14 train derailment met upgraded standards that started to be instituted last year for new tank cars carrying crude and other flammable liquids.
A derailment on the only rail line to Churchill, Man.
has sued Progress Rail as well in a very similar case, seeking damages for a December 2010 derailment that occurred near Jamestown, N.