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She even derides the media's obsessive focus on rich women.
If only she didn't deride as pathological the delicious sensuality of mothering.
There is a sweet irony in knowing that a black woman, Aida Walker, was teaching whites a dance form that blacks had created to deride whites.
She derides programs like Social Security--"It's that cost of Medicare and Medicaid that is just a killer"--while hardly raising a peep at the military budget.
In the past decade, Gilligan's influence has surfaced in educational theories that call for more cooperative, intuitive learning styles attuned to "women's ways of knowing," in claims of women's distinct "caring" political agenda (more social programs), and in feminist jurisprudence, which derides individual rights and objective rules as male fixations.
I must take exception to Linda Nochlin's repeated use of the word obscene in her review of "Mirroring Evil: Nazi Imagery/Recent Art," a review that derides all attitudes of expression concerning the Holocaust other than the ironic distance employed in the postmodern work she so admires.
Touch-sensitive hairs cover the desert locust's body, so Simpson's lab tried to localize the effect, an effort he derides as "mind-bogglingly tedious.
The religious judge who handled their case, Pinchas Toledano, derides Rachel David as an ``actress'' for going to the news media.
He derides Woodrow Wilson for what Kissinger defines as a naive belief in the goodness of man, the related harmony of the world, and the resulting faith in a concert of powers to preserve peace by reliance on the moral force of opinion.
Gates derides criticism of the company as ruthless and out to squelch competitors as "clear lies.
First, Van Caeckenbergh's work engages in a mockery of art's mores, just as La Fontaine's tales ridiculed the manners of court life at Versailles; like Sean Landers' depictions of himself as a satyr, also shown at "Aperto," Van Caeckenbergh's bestiary self-mockingly derides the status of the artist.
This week, one of his top aides derides one of the IT industry's top legislative priorities--maintaining a sensible business immigration policy.