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BRITISH people have lost confidence in their abilities and are happier deriding their country rather than celebrating its achievements, leisure boss Michael Grade said.
As a columnist for The Washington Post, he defended Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas against feminist critics, deriding Anita Hill's sexual-harassment charges.
Deriding the subway plan after the Metro Red Line's fiascoes, board member and county Supervisor Michael D.
He concluded the prayer-day festivities with a sermon advocating for organized prayer in public schools and deriding the public schools for teaching evolution and homosexuality, the Star reported.
I want to be in a circus one second and be-completely heartfelt the next, to be able to laugh at human nature and our foibles but never be deriding someone," explains Cutler.
At a candidates forum hosted by Heal the Bay and Edelman Public Relations, former Assembly Speaker Antonio Villaraigosa grew exasperated at remarks by businessman and Parks Commissioner Steve Soboroff deriding the others who are all elected officials.
The TV preacher made his extremist views quite clear, deriding separation of church and state as "a distortion of what the framers of the Constitution intended.
Commissioner Chet Widom, who opposes the bill of rights, urged residents to read the proposal before deriding it.
After years of deriding any cuts in the capital gains tax as a handout to country club Republicans, Democrats in Congress have softened their opposition and, in some cases, have come to support a reduction in the tax, increasing the likelihood of a compromise this year on the long-running and often bitter partisan dispute.