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No; the seamen of three hundred years hence will probably be neither touched nor moved to derision, affection, or admiration.
But they only mistook my solicitude for them for fear, and, with shouts of rage and derision, leaped forward once again to overwhelm me.
Surprise and astonishment flashed from face to face all over the house; the queen's gratified smile faded out at the name of Sir Kay, and she looked disap- pointed; and the page whispered in my ear with an accent and manner expressive of extravagant derision --
Summary: Ever since his induction into the Narendra Modi ministry last September, whatever he said drew widespread derision
Les tableaux se suivent et ne se ressemblent pas, d'aucuns verront de la bande-dessinee, d'autres des scenes enfantines, mais la realite de ces travaux est tout autre, elle est certes enjouee, mais non denuee d'ironie, de sens politique ni de derision, ou en fait l'artiste est lui-meme d'abord sujet de cette derision, tant mieux, car sa modestie n'aura point a souffrir- et les peintures appreciees juste pour le plaisir et la bonne humeur qu'elles essayent de provoquer chez le regardeur, partage, rire et empathie pour une rencontre entre un artiste et son public.
Il a ete precise par l'admin de la page que la rencontre etait [beaucoup moins que] fortuite [beaucoup plus grand que], ce qui a laisse incredules la majorite des internautes dont certains ont meme tourne en derision ce commentaire.
TO BE or not to be that is the question The future of this nation is in suspension By disbelievers who avoid decision Treating voting with sneering derision Non-voters are just ignorant fools Who will hand the reins to stubborn mules The path to democracy was won by bitter conflict People who valiantly fought for it were executed Or became exiled convicts People who abstain from voting are like ostriches With heads in sand Instead of securing by pen fate of our land Voting is a must to put people in power we can trust by Mrs ET Bassett, OAP, Aigburth
The JANE HAMILTON light-hearted tweet was met with some derision from social media users while others found it funny.
Unite's Mike Taft added: "The one in four who suffer deprivation as well as the tens of thousands having to put up with six years of austerity will regard Bono's remarks with total derision.
A party who disagrees with the derision of the ZBA must first request in writing a rehearing, stating every issue desired to be raised on appeal.
Post-derision statements from the two companies were predictably extreme: Apple applauded the verdict as a validation of values, characterizing it as "a loud and clear message that stealing isn't right"; Samsung asserted that the derision "should not be viewed as a win for Apple, but as a loss for the American consumer.
VARIOUS ARTISTS Space Hymns (Universal) FROM adoration to derision, prog rock has always sparked strong feelings - but it has stubbornly refused to breathe its last.