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Of her sons-in-law he was the one she had most consistently ignored; and all his wife's efforts to represent him as a man of forceful character and marked intellectual ability (if he had only "chosen") had been met with a derisive chuckle.
Henri; then smiling, with that same bitter, derisive smile I had seen on her lips once before, she hastily rose and made her exit.
But I began to perceive that it did not console me to be perpetually chaffed for my scruples, especially when I was really so vigilant; and I was rather glad when my derisive friend closed her house for the summer.
We looked at each other in a bewildered silence, which was broken by a discordant burst of derisive laughter from Professor Summerlee.
And above all the voices, that of Johannes de Molendino was audible, piercing the uproar like the fife's derisive serenade: "Commence instantly
A wave of derisive laughter runs abreast of him all along the line.
Dandy has; I caught him touching up his wig behind the trees after our swim," cut in Geordie, wagging a derisive finger at Steve, who promptly silenced him by a smart rap on the head with the drum-stick he had just polished off.
Disguising his secret joy in Mr Swiveller's defeat, Daniel Quilp adopted the surest means of soothing him, by ringing the bell, and ordering in a supply of rosy wine (that is to say, of its usual representative), which he put about with great alacrity, calling upon Mr Swiveller to pledge him in various toasts derisive of Cheggs, and eulogistic of the happiness of single men.
John Brooke laughed then as he never dared to laugh afterward, and the derisive Scott smiled involuntarily as he heard the hearty peal, which put the finishing stroke to poor Meg's woe.
Petitioner said that Sharif has remained derisive not only against the judiciary but also against the members of JIT (Joint Investigation Team).
This, compounded with the supposed termination of peace negotiations based on distorted perspectives at a time when it is needed most and while a ray of hope was peeking in the horizon, the casting of derisive labels on progressive forces that invite reprisal and reaction, the strong stifling of legitimate dissent, the bellicose response to acceptable legal remedies to protect human rights, and the freezing of uncooperative traditional democratic institutions, among a plethora of others, may well be the political dead of winter we dread.
There were no threats of unleashing "fire and fury" on the North, as Mr Trump previously warned, nor did the President revive his derisive nickname for North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, Little Rocket Man.