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But one only had to listen to the number of times some teachers in attendance derisively interrupted and dismissed Ms.
Across the church, many of these have been derisively spoken of and dismissed with side comments such as "collecting dust on the bookshelf," "filed," "have never seen the light of day," etc.
The legislation is known derisively amongst critics, including the reinsurance industry, as constituting a "Beach House Bailout.
Moreover, reports are now circulating that the nominee purportedly spoke derisively in recent years of U.
Former France midfielder Didier Deschamps was once derisively described as the "water carrier" by Eric Cantona, meaning he simply passed the ball to more talented team-mates.
He derisively said he did not want me to eat with the team in the evening as I had to be 'fresh' to remember my lines in the morning.
His state-level health care reform set the blueprint for what would eventually become derisively called "Obamacare.
When I asked what he thought about Mubarak's sentence he laughed derisively.
been done, as a result of several shows of aggression toward Palm Jumeirah residents, greeted by a fanfare of derisively bad international press.
We'll know it's been an absolute cracker at the final whistle if Lawro derisively snorts: "This football lark isn't quite as rubbish as I thought
The protesters outside the court demanded that the judges block the presidential bid by Shafiq, a man they derisively call a member of the "feloul", or a remnants of Mubarak's regime.
For the most part of it, Kipp's just sat here nodding our head derisively at the rather vain and counter-productive achievements; but after we heard about the largest book, the latest potential record holder, we have begun to see a connection.