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There is no boys-will-be-boys philosophy here, no tolerance of locker-room language, no assumption that girlie jokes are innocent humor, are acceptable commentary The 10th and 11th degrees of humility order us to take life, all its facets, all its peoples, seriously The 10th and 11th degrees of humility bring patriarchy with all its derisiveness, all its ridicule, to its knees.
She is, quite simply, a hero who mocks, a hero whose sole weapon is well placed derisiveness.
Nolot recalled "a fear of feeling" during the film's making, and the occasional derisiveness and overall stylistic concision seem ramparts against unwanted sentimentality.
A derisiveness is manifested by many North Americans, African American and Non-African American included, when Ebonics is discussed, which is lacking in the discussion of the speech of lower-class Irish Americans.
I know Americans are fed up with the derisiveness that exists in our political system.
The derisiveness of her words, moreover, is matched only by the frequency of her quotation marks, as they appeared regularly around those terms which designated Irregular birth control facilities.