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NOT GOOD ENOUGH Kraft's hostile takeover bid has been described as derisory by Cadbury.
In a robust defence, Ireland's former flag carrier said a pounds 1 billion bid from Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary was derisory and significantly undervalued the company.
But a report by pensions expert Dr Ros Altmann really throws the derisory nature of that government 'help' into stark relief.
Brady said: "What they came up with was nothing short of derisory.
United have already had a bid turned down by the Yorkshire club which was described as derisory by chairman Peter Ridsdale.
Yet despite their reluctance to pay the going rate, they had the temerity to make a couple of derisory offers for the Wolves star.
Some ned attacks four different women in the street, leaving them looking as if they'd been in a car crash, and he'd be banged up for an awful lot more than this derisory stretch.
It is time for the world to help, but sadly the response from many countries has been derisory and dangerously inadequate.
The Government has introduced minimum pricing, but the level it has been set is derisory.
Hodgson said: "I think it's sad when people make those sort of comments because I can assure you the offer was by no means derisory," said Hodgson, whose side won the latest game on their pre-season tour of Australia 5-0 against Perth Glory yesterday.
The woman was holding a mobile and looked in my direction and uttered a derisory remark.
Aston Villa boss O'Neill has already had a pounds 2m bid dismissed as derisory by the Owls.