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This includes numerous derivationally complex words and low-frequency, semantically abstract items, metaphorical extensions of earlier-acquired core meanings, and words pertaining to school-related fields of knowledge.
not, as many have thought, derivationally related to) the root [square root (khan-)] 'dig'; but as for nakula-, if this had once been *nakhula (vel sim.
In this connection, another peculiar consequence of treating the examples in (4) as related by non-directional redundancy rules in the lexicon, and not as derivationally connected, should be mentioned, viz, the analysis of prefixations such as
C2 (the "specifier" of standard X-bar theory) will always be derivationally and structurally more remote (attached "later," and "higher"), and will asymmetrically c-command and precede H and C1, from which universal Spec-Head order follows.