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Notwithstanding the obscurity which thus envelops the date of the foundation of Vondervotteimittis, and the derivation of its name, there can be no doubt, as I said before, that it has always existed as we find it at this epoch.
It was not until long after that the derivation of Grubitten occurred to me.
Rudimentary organs may be compared with the letters in a word, still retained in the spelling, but become useless in the pronunciation, but which serve as a clue in seeking for its derivation.
When I asked him if he could do without money, he showed the convenience of money in such a way as to suggest and coincide with the most philosophical accounts of the origin of this institution, and the very derivation of the word pecunia.
This word critic is of Greek derivation, and signifies judgment.
For this definition it is necessary first of all to consider the derivation of the objective reference of a proposition from the meanings of its component words or images.
The opinion of the Yard was divided respecting the derivation of its name.
In [5], Bresar introduced the notion of generalized derivations in rings.
They include discussions of the Galois map and its induced maps, when direct sums of modules inherit certain properties, prime rings with left derivations, some commutativity theorems concerning additive mappings and derivations on semi-prime rings, a short proof that continuous modules are clean, and imprimitive regular action in the ring of integers modulo n.
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