derive pleasure from

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jp/blog/is-punishment-as-effective-as-we-think/) a statement Wednesday: "It could be that human brains are hardwired to derive pleasure from punishing competitors.
We learn to derive pleasure from the shape of the food, its packaging, and even who we eat or drink with, as the San Miguel Beer 'Iba ang may pinagsamahan' tagline goes.
Those who derive pleasure from child porn cannot be rehabilitated.
Lakeview Health helps patients regain healthy relationships with family and friends, regain their ability to derive pleasure from hobbies and other activities and help them deal with difficult challenges by using newly learned skills and tools that help maintain their sobriety and recovery.
While some police officers may derive pleasure from flexing their muscles during demonstrations, every officer today is aware of the risk of being charged with the use of illegal measures to quell protests.
Those people constituted a group with high schizophrenia-type traits - which are associated with unusual perceptual experiences, bizarre behaviour, odd beliefs and the inability to derive pleasure from social experiences.
Do you derive pleasure from knowing your attacking options are growing, or do you use it as a weapon to beat up your all-time top scorer, who has pulled his tripe out for you for 12 years?
gt; Savour the food you eat, chew slowly and derive pleasure from it.
I also derive pleasure from handing some stranger a $10 bill and instructing them to have lunch on me.
Some otherwise healthy people just don't derive pleasure from music, scientists report in the March 17 Current Biology.
And I derive pleasure from it because I have had a lot to do with moulding it, and it's fun.
Two studies led by psychological scientist Erin Buckels of the University of British Columbia revealed that people who score high on a measure of sadism seem to derive pleasure from behaviours that hurt others, and are even willing to expend extra effort to make someone else suffer.