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Yes, but they--Wurt, and Knaust, and Pripasov--would answer that your consciousness of existence is derived from the conjunction of all your sensations, that that consciousness of existence is the result of your sensations.
It is also argued that ideas, or rather ideals, must be derived from a previous state of existence because they are more perfect than the sensible forms of them which are given by experience.
All philosophy, even that part of it which is said to be based upon experience, is really ideal; and ideas are not only derived from facts, but they are also prior to them and extend far beyond them, just as the mind is prior to the senses.
Unlike ancient philosophy, it has been unaffected by impressions derived from outward nature: it arose within the limits of the mind itself.
It is an expedient derived from the wandering tribes of Indians.
The operations of the national government, on the other hand, falling less immediately under the observation of the mass of the citizens, the benefits derived from it will chiefly be perceived and attended to by speculative men.
As to those just causes of war which proceed from direct and unlawful violence, it appears equally clear to me that one good national government affords vastly more security against dangers of that sort than can be derived from any other quarter.
It includes the usage of different types of proteins derived from various sources for cell culture protein surface coating:
Washington, July 20 ( ANI ): Endothelial colony-forming cells (ECFCs) derived from human placenta are better for forming blood vessels than the ECFCs derived from umbilical cord blood, according to a new study.
MARYLAND-BASED MARTEK BIOSCIENCES CORPORATION created a microalgae-derived form of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), an omega-3 fatty acid important for brain, eye, and heart health and often derived from fish oil.
today released two kinds of eco-friendly biomass packaging material using plant-generated plastic: a material derived from polylactic acid with petroleum and another material derived from polylactic acid with biodegradable petroleum.
Mohammad Roji Sarmidi, at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, reinforces our efforts to develop a new synthetic compound for type-2 diabetes derived from cinnamon," states Mr.