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In a state of emergency, it stipulates, the president may, by law or orders, take any measures that shall not derogate from the provisions of constitution except as provided herein, which includes the powers to suspend part of the bill of rights as well as dissolve the national executive, among others.
The board also determines if a hardship exists for the petitioner because of topography of the land and that ruling in favor of the petitioner could be done without substantial detriment to the public good and would not nullify or substantially derogate from the intent of the zoning ordinance.
As a practitioner (both as arbitrator and advocate), and as a sometime teacher of arbitration law (Nova Southeastern University Law School), I was not only disappointed in the article but was offended by its occasionally absurd attempts to derogate this alternative dispute resolution method.
With the agreement, JDC and the Province ensure that the project won't abrogate or derogate from any existing rights of Aboriginal people in northern Saskatchewan.
to derogate from Article 5 of the ECHR and Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).
A non-derogation clause is a statutory provision that indicates that a statute is not to derogate from the Aboriginal and treaty rights protected by Canada's Constitution Act, 1982 in section 35.
Changes in team selections do take place from time to time and it is the hallmark of a good captain to rally the troops as a fighting force and not to derogate his men.
At the same time, both camps have yet to concede that the proposed memorandum on agreement on ancestral domain might "require the government to undertake necessary changes in the legal framework of this country," said Luwaran, adding that the MILF "has already agreed to this formulation provided that such processes would not derogate prior agreements [that were forged by both camps].
What is most worrying is the fact that one cannot derogate fromthis element of the council tax charge.
He demonstrated good sense and a constructive spirit of participation in democracy by exposing the illegitimate use of a public classroom by one of his high school teachers to promote the teacher's religion and to derogate science.
The guarantee in this Charter of certain rights and freedoms shall not be construed so as to abrogate or derogate from any aboriginal, treaty or other rights or freedoms that pertain to the aboriginal peoples of Canada including (a) any rights or freedoms that have been recognized by the Royal Proclamation of October 7, 1763; and (b) any rights or freedoms that may be acquired by the aboriginal peoples of Canada by way of land claims settlement.