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Non-derogating control orders once made by the Secretary of State under Section 2 and derogating control orders once made by the court under Section 4, go their wholly separate and very different procedural ways.
any High Contracting Party may take measures derogating from its
and many other derogating male sexual health conditions.
If the threat from international terrorism is to continue for the foreseeable future, the committee considers that an alternative way must be found to deal with that threat without derogating indefinitely from important human rights considerations.
It is in this regard that the study proceeds from a false premise by defining "tax sheltering" expansively, unfairly criticizing wholly legal transactions, and improperly derogating the activities of compliant taxpayers.
Financing today is not so difficult; let me explain that without derogating what you guys do.
By failing to adequately address these issues in the six years the game has been professional, the IRB are in danger of derogating from their self-proclaimed duty to 'promote, foster, develop, extend and govern' the game of rugby worldwide.
26] Phil Baum, executive director of the American Jewish Congress, likewise observed: "Without derogating from the Church's efforts at atonement, some of the most troub ling questions of responsibility and complicity in those horrendous events still have not been addressed.
On January 27, Charles Cohen, the pro-code historian, had written, "as a spokesman for the Majority," to the dean and associate dean of students, asking for information about possible relevant "debasing and derogating expression in the classroom.
And in derogating the established humanist institution--how easily we find reasons for its imperfection and our departure
Safire went on to say: "When proponents of cultural diversity gained attention derogating Western civilization in the 1980s, multicultural became a college curriculum code word for |not dominated by whites'" (Safire, 1992, p.
The reason for derogating from existing shareholders' pre-emption rights is that the company's Board of Directors believes the company needs to strengthen its liquidity in an environment where loan finance is unobtainable at terms that would be acceptable for the company.