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The partial repeal of a law, usually by a subsequent act that in some way diminishes its Original Intent or scope.

Derogation is distinguishable from abrogation, which is the total Annulment of a law.

See: attaint, bad repute, blame, condemnation, contempt, criticism, defamation, denunciation, disapprobation, discredit, disdain, disgrace, dishonor, disparagement, ignominy, obloquy, opprobrium, reprimand, reproach, shame


in the law of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, exemptions to various aspects of the four freedoms, particularly the free movement of persons and the free movement of goods.

DEROGATION, civil law. The partial abrogation of a law; to derogate from a law is to enact something which is contrary to it; to abrogate a law is' to abolish it entirely. Dig. lib. 50, t. 17, 1. 102. See Abrogation.

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The Welsh Government's burial derogation had been a source of frustration, said Mrs Jones.
Since an extended burial derogation was issued on April 2 in response to the severe weather, the FUW said it has consistently warned the Government that the excessive red tape accompanying the derogation would lead to more misery and an escalating disease risk.
The derogation covers agreement holders who may have an agreement that would otherwise include restrictions on carrying out supplementary feeding on stewardship land.
We need to make this derogation work as it will help to safeguard the future of this unique breed, which dates back to the Bronze Age.
New Year's Day saw the end of a derogation that allowed some non-organic animal feed to be used for cattle and sheep.
The derogation of colleagues, schools of thought, or styles of writing are objectionable, he admits, but scholars too easily confuse the literal and the figurative, and their concern to enforce proper discourse degrades to prissy fear.
The newly approved derogation has been approved until December 2010, or until fresh EU rules in deducting VAT for road vehicle expenditure come into force, if that happens earlier.
The remaining 23 member states of the EU will grant derogation or accept the result of derogation by the U.
But Mr Rooker said: "We have managed to secure a derogation that will lower the minimum milkfat content of brandy, rum and sherry butters from 34 per cent to 20 per cent.
official said the United States will not enter into any negotiations unless the EU first extends derogation for U.
Estonia has been granted a derogation from the terms of the EU directive because of the undeveloped nature of its power market.
La direction de l'ES Setif espere beneficier d'une derogation du president de la Federation algerienne de football pour recruter l'ex-capitaine de la selection nationale, Antar Yahia (ES Tunis), mais sans le comptabiliser dans les trois licences accordees aux clubs lors de la periode des transferts d'hiver, a appris l'APS, hier, aupres du club.