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The partial repeal of a law, usually by a subsequent act that in some way diminishes its Original Intent or scope.

Derogation is distinguishable from abrogation, which is the total Annulment of a law.

See: attaint, bad repute, blame, condemnation, contempt, criticism, defamation, denunciation, disapprobation, discredit, disdain, disgrace, dishonor, disparagement, ignominy, obloquy, opprobrium, reprimand, reproach, shame


in the law of the EUROPEAN COMMUNITIES, exemptions to various aspects of the four freedoms, particularly the free movement of persons and the free movement of goods.

DEROGATION, civil law. The partial abrogation of a law; to derogate from a law is to enact something which is contrary to it; to abrogate a law is' to abolish it entirely. Dig. lib. 50, t. 17, 1. 102. See Abrogation.

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In cases, where the costs would be disproportionate to the benefits, the government can provide derogations at its discretion, based on the evidence submitted.
On Sunday, during an event for Morphou refugees, Anastasiades said the Greek Cypriot side would accept neither majorities of people and property, nor permanent derogations.
European Commission Vice President Neelie Kroes said that "we have agreed to temporary and limited 800MHz derogations for nine countries.
That problem is continuing to escalate as more and more animals buried under the snows come to light, yet the derogation is being restricted.
L'exemple du lotissement An-naim sur une superficie de huit hectares montre clairement comment des derogations etaient synonymes [beaucoup moins que]d'autorisations de s'enrichir[beaucoup plus grand que].
Natural England has confirmed that, following the recent heavy snowfall in many areas, livestock farmers who will need to provide their livestock with additional feed can continue to be covered by an Environmental Stewardship derogation.
The Commission is clear that there can be no derogations from the directive's ban on tobacco sponsorship for cross-border events, whether it's for Formula One or for other events", said EU health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou.
The granting of these derogations allows these Albion mineral ingredients to be used in food supplements and sold throughout the U.
Derogations contained in the regulations allow processors who heat treat their goods, or reduce their PH, to continue exporting -- as long as they get the necessary veterinary health certificates.
Article 13 Notification and examination of derogations made under article 7
During the meeting, which is underway, Anastasiades is expected to raise the recent comments made by Akinci on majorities, and on permanent EU derogations for the Turkish Cypriot side.
As with the two previous derogations, the Flemish government writes a research assignment for this monitoring.