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Mandelstam embraces physical existence, unlike the "cowards" who reject it in favor of mystical fantasy: this derogative epithet and Mandelstam's references to the "stiletto" implicitly criticize the Symbolists' aesthetic escapism, as well as Descartes' abstract rationalism with its severing of mind from body.
Comments on the Internet often display derogative and disparaging remarks [1, 2] and the effect of the tones of comments was brought into question.
To accept the person with disability as a human being in the perspective of human rights, terms such as; crippled, handicap, disabled or mentally retarded, blind, deaf and dumb must be avoided as these terms are clearly derogative, he said adding positive terms such as; persons with disabilities, visually impaired, hearing impaired, vocally impaired and intellectually impaired must be used for promotion of positive attitude towards persons with disabilities.
Sergey Derogative, who helps oversee $10 billion at Union Investment in Frankfurt, predicts a 10year sukuk would probably yield about 7.
Mythology is not, per se, a derogative word, it refers to the religious practices that carved the Greek mind before--and after--the sixth century BCE.
With its clear derogative connotation, FGM was found to be problematic to use in the present study, which aimed to explore the practice in an open manner.
All was well until a game almost ten years ago on April 21, 2004 when an off-air derogative comment about Chelsea star Marcel Desaiily was used to infer that he was a racist.
The media promotes and elevates their dominance by giving major headlines to any derogative reports on the teaching profession.
Despite what may be written about him in derogative terms, and I include myself in that, he has been Known to answer people's questions, requests and cries for help in to the early hours.
Conscious that the derogative conceptions of African nations have evolved from "savage" to the "bottom billion," a term used by former World Bank economist Paul Collier to refer to "developing countries that are at the bottom of the global economic system," the article calls upon South Africa to establish a "deeper appreciation" of the nation's "competitive advantage in the world" by boosting the public education system, among other things.
137): <<As the local media and public consciousness had a tendency to associate the emerging trans-national prostitution activities solely with 'Russian women', the derogative and vulgar 'stigma of prostitution' rapidly came into being.
As Melvyn Goldstein observed fifty years ago, "Among the Tibetan lay population, [homosexuality] carries an extremely derogative stigma and is almost unknown" (Study 134).