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Of specific interest to Air Force space professionals, aside from the stories of Yuri Gagarin's derringdo and Gherman Titov's spacewalking exploits, are the chapters on strategic systems: missiles and satellites.
These were no ordinary times, they were extraordinary times with amazing tales of derringdo and unimaginable bravery.
West Kirby-based Off The Ground theatre is bringing the mythical Greek tale of excitement and heroic derringdo to Ness Gardens' theatre on August 8.
The Lt Commander's heroics are like a Boys' Own tales of derringdo.
Pluck, derringdo and an assured stiff upper lip are in abundance in these three classic comedies, released with a fistful of extras.
In the backs teenager Alex Day sparked the stunning comeback from 21-5 down with a performance of brio and derringdo, the sort that at 19-year-old has yet to be coached out of a scrum-half.
The Ultimate Record' is the ultimate reference book rather than a flowing story lavishly describing derringdo or deadly-do, unlike 'United: The First 100 Years' also produced by historian Paul Joannou and his sturdy team of helpers.
But beyond that simple statistic is a tale of derringdo and dashed dreams to tax even the little grey cells of Hercule Poirot.
DEATH AT DAWN by Caro Peacock: duelling, derringdo, and dastardly deeds in a Victorian murder mystery.
Its title suggests that it might be tales of derringdo and pioneering but it is, in fact, a collection of short stories written between 1850 and 1930, a period in which the short story developed as a form of writing.
Some critics read it as a boys' adventure story, tripping over themselves to find adjectives fit for Fawcett's derringdo.
He sits regaling young lovelies a third of his age with his tales of derringdo and of his decade of struggle to kill the thing he loved - the cause of Labour.