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Orchestral details were magical, not least the flutes gently descanting with the soloist in the hearteasing slow movement, and Mullova, her fabulous Strad expertly set up for period performance, produced some confiding half-tones throughout this account which was gentle and affecting rather than harshly penetrating.
Still, whether descanting on the glories of spilt blood, the sacrificial necessity of sin, or the irresistible allure of open spaces, these imagined sectarians may indeed represent a yearning for spiritual succor that continues to haunt the land.
In particular, Foxe expounds the translator's famous attack on the fourfold method of allegorical interpretation in order to explain his hostility to clerics who wrest "the Scripture unto their own purpose, contrary unto the process, order, and meaning of the text; and so delude them in descanting upon it with allegories, and amaze them, expounding it in many senses laid before the unlearned lay people.