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In addition to presenting easy to learn countermelodies for vocal descants, a recording of each descant is available to choir singers by visiting website, www.
the herald angels sing, although his descants and additional counterpoint at times seem a little contrived.
Clicking on the first, number 373, takes you to the title Twenty-One Hymn Descants for Festive and General Use in the "Index to Hymn Materials.
The opening and longest essay, which gives the volume its title, descants on "La figure du 'grand ecrivain,' en France et ailleurs, d'Andre Gide a Marguerite Duras.
There will be a good selection of descants for familiar hymn tunes and an expanded selection of tunes in the classic hymn tradition.
In Pricksongs & Descants (1969), Red Riding Hood's grandmother is described by her son as "preferring rot to obliteration, possessed like them all by a mad will, mindless and intransigent.
Modern technology is part of the picture too, delayed phase tape-loops adding haunting descants, as in a 12th century Compostela chant.
In his early stories, the closest we come is perhaps the all-inclusive third-person plural of "The Sentient Lens," in Pricksongs & Descants (1969).
I had recently read Pricksongs & Descants, and was particularly intrigued by "The Leper's Helix.
That in turn led me to the rest of the stories in Pricksongs & Descants and introduced me to Coover's fascination with myth and with stories and traditions that had come before him, and to his remarkable ability to bend and turn stories that I thought I knew to make them serve other purposes entirely.
Here the author of Pricksongs & Descants returns, once again, to satiric and parodic retellings of myths, fables, and children's stories.