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DESCENDER. In the descent; as formed on in the descender. Bac. Ab. Formedon, A 1. Vide Formedon.

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Algorithm for grouping characters Gap1 = upper line -- middle line Gap2 = middle line -- lower line If Gap1 is small or Gap2 is small Alphabet is Neither else if density in upper zone > density in lower zone Alphabet is Descender Else Alphabet is Ascender
Tritec of Minnesota, located in Virginia, MN, has introduced the Descender M-50, a mobile, trailer-mounted device with a man basket that can lower a worker into shafts or other excavations to depths of 50 feet.
One device was the descender, which allows the camera to drop on a cable from great heights at a quick clip.
They are an Emelle Descender and an Apollo mountain bike.
Figure 2(a) shows that both Nero and D have a very short descender on 'wyn' which curves slightly to the left at the bottom.
Pero la industria del camaron sigue enfrentandose a retos: desde los brotes virales que han devastado las piscifactorias de Ecuador y el descenso economico de Japon que ha hecho descender el consumo en ese pais, hassta las demandas de calidad mas exigentes por parte de los paises importadores y el criticismo por parte de grupos ecologistas sobre el impacto de las piscifactorias de camaron en el medio ambiente.
Attached to the belt is a nylon container about the size of an ammunition pouch that holds a descender, carabiner and 80 feet of 5mm rope made with Kevlar in the center, surrounded by a nylon shell.
The bike, worth pounds 180, is yellow with Generator Descender written in red on the frame.
The macron very often stands for a nasal, while a p with a stroke across the descender appears instead of per, par or pro.
Editors note: The point size of a font is the distance from the top of the tallest character to the bottom of the longest descender.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Rope And Rope Descender
VINCENZO NIBALI (Astana) The demon descender, nicknamed the Shark, timed his attack to perfection, slipping away for the first Tour stage win of a career which saw him finish third to Sir Bradley Wiggins and Froome in 2012.