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He ended, and they both descend the Hill; Descended, ADAM to the Bowre where EVE Lay sleeping ran before, but found her wak't; And thus with words not sad she him receav'd.
Retrace your steps from the summit past Bwlch Glas, where the path to Pen-y-Pass descends right DAYTRIPPER Descend southeast off the summit to a further col - Bwlch Cwm Brwynog - where you will see two stiles.
If someone descends upon personal attacks then befitting response will be given in the house.
In case the avalanche descends on the Bishkek-Osh road and Uzbekistan does not allow transportation of goods by railway, the social explosion is possible in southern Kyrgyzstan, Vice Speaker Bakyt Torobaev said at today's plenary session of the Parliament.
As a result, the Department declines to acknowledge the petitioner as an Indian tribe because the evidence does not show that the membership descends from a historical Indian tribe as required by Criterion 83.
Guha's poetry in Dusk Descends is poetry of slow-time and cannot be read in a rush.
3 : to slope or lead downward <The road descends to the valley.
However, while the sun ascends and descends over the period of a year the moon ascends and descends over a period of 27 days, seven hours and 43 minutes - this is known as the periodic lunar cycle.
When that painful experience repeated itself for the second, third, fourth and fifth time, I had to consciously choose to process these genealogical realities in a way that did not psychically relegate me to being a man who descends from multiple rapists.
Whenever a body in the physical world descends from one place to another, the first place becomes empty of it.
A gifted and unruffled manager with keen political instincts, Rusesabagina tries to protect his hotel and guests from the spreading maelstrom at his gates, preserving the fiction of civility as his nation descends into murderous chaos.
As a team, discuss ways to improve the chute so that it descends slower, or stays upright.