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no--that is a species of sentimental knowledge," returned Julia; "it only dwells on the loftier parts of the character, and never descends to the minute knowledge which makes us suffer so much in each other's estimation: it leaves all these to be filled by the--by the--by the--what shall I call it?
Things were bound to happen so, for persons of her type who have once entered upon that road descend it with ever-increasing rapidity, even as a sledge descends a toboggan-slide.
Every passion has, like the sea, its tide which ascends and descends.
It is only when he descends from the clouds to pounce upon carrion that he betrays his low propensities, and reveals his caitiff character.
Here it is that this creature takes his daily seat, cross-legged with his tiny stock of matches on his lap, and as he is a piteous spectacle a small rain of charity descends into the greasy leather cap which lies upon the pavement beside him.
Snagsby descends and finds the two 'prentices intently contemplating a police constable, who holds a ragged boy by the arm.
At this point of inflation, it is in exact equilibrium with the air, and neither mounts nor descends.
As I daresay you know," went on Sir Henry, "if a man dies intestate, and has no property but land, real property it is called in England, it all descends to his eldest son.
Granted; but will not any one who descends guess that a paper must be important for which we risk a man's life?
Whereas Porthos would have every class keep its place, and though fond of going down into the kitchen, always barks at the top of the stairs for a servile invitation before he graciously descends.
Their cities stretched from a great sea under the rising sun to a great sea into which the sun descends at night to cool his flaming brow.
The skilled and seasoned drinker, with a strong constitution, never descends to anything like that.