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In the latter, FTA boxes did not contain the software necessary to illegally descramble encrypted signals (users downloaded the proper software in their homes via the Internet).
The receiver can descramble the program by following the same steps performed by the server in reverse order with the collaboration of smart card and STB [13].
A decoder unit must enter the appropriate password to descramble a program.
Dr Fraser Clark, of the University of Paisley, said: "The guys involved started by taking a decoder box and basically reverse engineering it to discover what software was used to scramble the signal in the first place and then working on the code needed to descramble it.
The single-chip security processors can descramble Conditional Access (CA) or Digital Rights Management (DRM) and encrypt to a DRM for multiple streams in real-time, thus creating the world's first single-chip production transcryption engine.
Under this scenario, cable subscribers will be leased a credit-card-size chip that would descramble the digital signal and identify them as authorized viewers no matter which cable box or system is used.
All-IP headends: The ProView 7000 can act as a receiver to descramble and transmit DVB-S2 satellite signals to Harmonic's FLEX[TM] decoder blade for seamless encoding and enables the deployment of or migration to all-IP headend solutions.
The product included an internal tuner that could receive the then-standard analog video signals traveling through a cable network, and a second tuner which could descramble the newer, video signals.
Deputies arrested the younger brother and recovered another 100 boxes and a tool for modifying the computer chips in the boxes to descramble all channels, O'Brien said.