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A gradual but significant decline in surviving fraction was observed with increase in conditioning time of Wiron 99 alloy and a greatest reduction in surviving fraction was describable after 4 weeks.
Aging is describable as entropy, a gradual degradation of order, intrinsic to both cosmic and human realms.
It's very hard to describe what we're doing because if it was describable we probably wouldn't want to do it," says Alan Lane, Slung Low's artistic director.
The combination of the genitive agent and the verb form thus poses a descriptive, theoretical and explanatory challenge: its distribution is neither fully general nor lexically constrained, it is not describable as a regular VP, the syntactic role of the genitive NP is difficult to define, and the information structure of the phrase is unusual.
The judge said AY had stated: "I am not a threat to national security nor will I seek to participate in any activity describable as 'terrorist'.
Waterhouse isn't quite skeptical of language; more as if he feels that nothing is truly describable, and he's interested in playing with the boundaries of this insufficieniy.
Ideally for many purposes, capital should accrue year-over-year in a smoothly defined arc borne by earnings, with a hint of acceleration that is smoothly describable as well.
Today, those purported villains operate plants throughout the South, making the offshoring/outsourcing debate complex and not describable in easy slogans.
Isn't it possible that dharma in the dharmasastra is quite distinct from dharma in the Mahabharata, and yet consistent within a describable range in its own lineage of thought?
Imam Saqib of the National Institute of Psychology at Quaid-i-Azam University in Pakistan is interested in finding out if there is an optimum state of emotional health describable by regular experiencing of certain feeling states.
He thus aims to show how free will, including our veridical experience of a 'gap' between antecedent conditions and voluntary decisions and actions, exists in the same physical being whose brain and bodily behavior are describable in neurobiological terms.
somehow describable as a classical machine, running according to a