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This order implies an increase in the extent to which the describer makes explicit for the AD audience what the sighted audience is expected to infer from the moving image.
31) do encourage describers to focus on style, defined in this case as "the cumulative result of many characteristics, including brushwork, use of tone and color, choice of different motifs, and the treatment of the subject.
We believe that audio description is a creative process, and from working firsthand on live audio description projects we learned how cognitively demanding live description is on a describer.
This will be the largest train describer we have supplied to Railtrack.
Moiles said that at some theaters in Boston at matinees "there are many people with seeing eye dogs listening to the describer.
I present a new type of AD for auteur and artistic films: auteur description, which incorporates the director's creative vision in the AD script through the use of a screenplay (or other available materials, such as interviews and reviews) and thus gives the audio describer the artistic license to depart from the dictate of objectivism.
Unfortunately, at some point in his life it seems Chabon was told that he is a good describer, and he took the compliment too much to heart.
He is known to physicists as the first describer of what became known as "Brownian motion", i.
Italian media describer the clashes as 'Guerrila Warfare'.
Though Coleridge felt that he himself was a poor describer, and does seem from the notebooks to be a mediocre sketcher of mountain pathways and assorted lumps on the horizon, Paley's generous quotations allow us to see him as a deeply engaged viewer, recording, for example, that face-to-face with Beaumont's drawing "Waterfall at Keswick" Coleridge was flooded with "deep emotions," with "tears," and "weeping" (5-6).
Thus, investigation of the genital and pelvic kidney collecting ducts of rhyacotritonids brings us full circle to a prediction by the original describer of Rhyacotriton who placed this family within the Hynobiidae (Gaige, 1917); i.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: A Kurdish Alliance MP describer Premier's Nouri al-Maliki visit to Washington as "important for the development of bilateral relations," excluding the possibility of the the Kurdish question being discussed there.