descriptive account

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It was a minute anatomical and generally descriptive account of the large fulvous Ourang-Outang of the East Indian Islands.
Canada the Good begins with a descriptive account from above of the French state and the Roman Catholic Church as forces of European morality in the New World in the years 1500 to 1700.
Hamlin presents his project as "a descriptive account of English response to Montaigne during the early decades of his presence within the national vernacular and the English readerly imagination" (3).
This volume, then, is a detailed yet accessible descriptive account of its subject, equally able to stand alone or as partner to the author's second volume.
Being able to construct a clear narrative, in a fictional form as a story, or in a non-fictional form as a descriptive account or a set of instructions, is a crucial skill, both within educational contexts and in the wider world of work and leisure.
Maine Rubicon, his descriptive account of downeast settlers during the American Revolution, became especially popular and is now in its fourth printing.
The book, an abridged version of Kawamura's doctoral thesis, contains six chapters, each with several subsections making reading this, at times, dense, descriptive account an easy task.
Each descriptive account provides detail down to the "snow settling briefly upon already frosty mint julep glasses.
Indeed, in Patterson's factual and descriptive account of the White House, there are a number of suggestions and leads to stimulate further analytical research.
The book begins with a descriptive account of McIntyre J.
A positive aspect of this kind of rich descriptive account is that plenty of materials will be on hand for current and future research regardless of the changing tides of theory.
As with other chapters, this essay presents a descriptive account of budget and capital investments.

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