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Despite these limitations, this is the first descriptive study on this topic; it shows that a thorough and systematic approach to the pathologic examination of nonintact fetal demise specimens yields more information that may benefit the bereaved family.
This descriptive study was conducted in the period from March 2008 to February 2009, targeting women in Al Bagair area.
Seeing the citation as marring an otherwise informative detailed descriptive study of regulatory activity, a young assistant professor who spent some semesters in law school before his doctorate contacted the journal editor about publishing a correction or at least a comment on the law.
The researchers acknowledge the limitations of their descriptive study, but nevertheless believe that it demonstrates the importance of arming young people with knowledge about infertility and about how to protect their fertility
Clustering of auto-immune diseases in families with a high-risk for multiple sclerosis: a descriptive study.
A descriptive study of early nonspecific chest pain after PTCA: important area for the acute health care personnel.
The purpose of this descriptive study was to examine the relationship between state and trait anxiety and compare previous IV exposure, maturity levels, relationship to parents and pain perception occurring around the experience of receiving an IV in the emergency department.
METHODOLOGY: A non-experimental, exploratory descriptive study was conducted in 19 private hospitals in Cape Town area with a sample of 71 registered critical care nurses.
The fourth article, a descriptive study by McIntosh, Graves, and Gersten, examines teaching practices in four multilingual first-grade classrooms in an effort to determine if instruction can be described according to the RTI model.
To investigate authorship trends across a number of periodicals, we performed a descriptive study comparing two full years of published articles spaced ten years apart from five medical journals.
We conducted a descriptive study of 524 patients who had been suspected of having aspirated a foreign body and who had been evaluated at one of two major hospitals in Jordan from January 1993 through December 2003.
His topics include phenomenology as the descriptive study of mental phenomena, the supra-individualist against the individual, and responsibility as the attitude of participation in a being-event.