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The odour from the wicker bottle (which has somehow passed into Durdles's keeping) soon intimates that the cork has been taken out; but this is not ascertainable through the sense of sight, since neither can descry the other.
She thought, had she, so far below him and so different, rejected this disinterestedness, because of some vain misgiving that he sought her out, or heeded any personal attractions that he might descry in her?
And while humanists of a cultural critical stripe descry the "hegemony" of this or that segment of society, or culture, Robinson examines the hegemony of market economics that threatens to buy, co-opt, or destroy many of the institutions that have assured our freedom, our success, our affluence and, until recently, our cultural ascendancy (47).
All corrupt officers are still working on key posts and Director of Anti-Corruption is at the top, have nothing to descry government's commitment to accountability," the former federal minister expressed these views in a press conference.
Efforts to descry a new cabal around the pope have been fruitless.
BLIND TYPE (legible in dawn light) in this London vellum copy of Aldo's 1501 Vergil comes from Purgatorlo Canto 28, where Dante and Vergil descry Eden across the River ol Forgetting.
With novel pattern-recognition processes, desCRY rummages through digital photos and videos in search of illegal content, no matter how well-hidden it may be," Nickolay said.
This will provide a better perspective on how these two 21st century historians evaluate Tench and descry 'Aboriginal agency' in his and related documents of the time detailing the British engagements with the Aboriginal inhabitants at the inception of the colonisation of Australia.
Elements of the legacy of the neo-baroque are apparent in Marquez's use of both magical and real elements to descry the complexity of the "arrival" of the realia of modernity.
But miserablism is never compelled by the evidence alone, and intellectual ingenuity can always descry the cloud in any silver lining.
But neither great Washington, nor Napoleon, nor Nelson, will answer a single hail from below, however madly invoked to befriend by their counsels the distracted decks upon which they gaze; however it may be surmised, that their spirits penetrate through the thick haze of the future, and descry what shoals and what rocks must be shunned.
And in things yet unheard we shall descry ancient roots, in glittering visions yet unseen we shall know our own dear land